YI Outdoor 1080 Black and White

I bought two of these cams for different parts of my property. Both have the same issue. Upon restart, they both show a color image during daylight hours. At night, it’s black and white due to night vision. However, it stays black and white the next day. The only way to fix this is an electrical restart, but this fix only lasts for the rest of that day and it’s then back to the same problem. I have looked up other posts about this problem from others and there doesn’t appear to be an actual fix. Is there anything in the settings that I need to change?

Try turning off night vision. I find that night vision doesn’t always give me the best resolution anyway and if night vision is turned off it should never switch over to that setting and your color at day should come back.

Are they in dimly lit areas with heavy shade? If possible, shine a flashlight on the camera the next day and see if it responds to the more intense direct light. If it doesn’t then you likely have defectives. Mine often take longer than I would think to switch.

How do you turn off night vision?

Go to your camera view and touch the settings button at the bottom right. Next select Camera Settings. Then touch the button for Night Vision IR Light and that will turn off your night vision. With my cameras I actually get a better picture with it off because I have too much ambient light out front which is enough to illuminate the scene without night vision.

I managed to turn off IR night vision on both cameras. It hasn’t resolved the problem. It’s back to black and white vision the next day for both cameras. This is clearly a fault with these cameras as I see many other people have the same unresolved issue. I would return both of them but my cameras are in my overseas property and doing a return just isn’t possible. Not happy.