Yi Lite K2 CCTV - Sound feedback on handsfree mode

I’m using Yi IOT app version 2.9.4_20220126 on android
When I use the Intercom mode, it’s working just fine.
However, when I try to change into the handsfree mode and start to turn on the microphone from the app, the sound gets feedback over and over until it gets very loud.

Could you please help how to solve this issue?

Hello @YoKzy88 Thanks for coming to the forum. Can tell us what camera model you have?

It’s XY-R9820-K2

Thank you for sharing. I am sorry there has been any inconvenience.

Is your app and firmware on the most recent version?

Hi @Steven_Kami
Apologize for the late response.

Yes, I’ve checked that both the app and firmware are already the most recent version.
This is the camera firmware version:
I’ve tried both Yi it (version: 2.9.11_20220317) as well as Yi home (version: 5.5.2_20220304120413)