YI Home Windows App Crashes Now After Windows 10 Latest Update

My desktop and my laptop computer have just updated to the latest Windows 10 automatic update. Since that update (a few days ago), the YI Home Windows App crashes/locks up. This has never happened before with a Windows update.

Is this happening for anyone else?
Any ideas on how to prevent this from happening?

I have restarted both the desktop and laptop computer after the Windows Update, but that has not resolved the issue with the YI Home App for Windows. I am also not having a problem with ANY other app, program, browser, etc. This seems to be an incompatibility issue between the latest Windows Update and the YI Home App for Windows.

At this point, I can’t use the YI Home Windows App - it literally locks up or crashes as soon as it loads. Any ideas for a fix is appreciated. Thanks!

Thanks for the detailed feedback @jdm I am sorry to hear your PC app is having such issues…

Besides the update to OS, has there been any other changes to your home setup? That is strange. I haven’t seen it reported by anyone else yet but will inquire with our CS team to find out more. I will check with our team to find out more and send you more info tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience while we look into this.