Yi Home PC application not working

Hello. Since last week I haven’t been able to login to the Yi Home PC application. When I enter my credentials and hit “enter” it shows a “send Http fail(3)” message. I’ve tried to reinstall everything, even the latest version but didn’t work. I also tried with the Kami application but didn’t work either.

yi home app problem

i just change dns on my router to and and now everything works, my mac app was lloking the same and the ios app didnt work, only when i was on lte on my phone it work, so with these change everything is working again

in your connection property, add new DNS -->

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@jjescobar86 try updating your DNS to one of the above suggested examples and test your login. This should get you back on track. Keep us posted on your progress

Thank’s it worked, now I can see every camera

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Thanks for the update! :slight_smile:

Not doable for me… A: I am on Wifi - Auto DHCP, so no changing DNS. and B: The software works on my other Old computer using Wifi “as is”… so why will this new software not work on my new notebook?

Can you update to the latest version of the app and try again? Let me know how it goes

I just downloaded the current version on yitechnology.com - PC Version for Windows. It shows, and tried to install it on 2 different computers. This one gives me an Invalid code(0) when I try to install it on both computers.

I then downloaded Yi Kami Home App for Windows version and IT INSTALLS… i get HTTP FAIL(2) when I try to connect. (on both computers.)

I downloaded the YI Home app install, from the Kami site… this one installed, but also gives me the HTTP Fail(2) error.

hmmm that’s really frustrating @WizFlip WizFlip can you try going to this page here: http://kamihome.com/firmware/ and downloading from there

Let me know if this works

Hello Steven… That site is EXACTLY where I got my downloads yesterday.

Good news is, the Windows App works fine on my OLD computers which were originally XP, then upgraded to Win10… My 2 new computers came with Win10 installed on them. I can also still access my cam with my phone, and my Tablet, so I am not cut out completely, but it would be nice if the Windows App worked on brand new computers! :(.

I also tried an install this morning on my work computer, which is about a year old and also came with Win10 installed from the factory… I get the same HTTP Failed error on it.

I wasn’t sure if you were on the yitechnology page vs the kamihome page. The Kami Home downloads page should be current. I will check with our team on that.

And, that’s interesting feedback that its windows 10 related. That will help out team get to the bottom of this.

Thanks Steve.

I really do appreciate your assistance!

And to verify it was not network related, I disconnected from the work network, and connected to a Sprint Hotspot. I got exactly the same result. eliminating the possibility of the network being an issue.

The two notebooks that will not connect, are both Lenovo Notebooks.
a Thinkpad P15 Gen2 "20YQ004GUS
a Thinkpad Yoga 11e Gen6 “20SES0YM00”
My Desktop is a Lenovo ThinkCentre M720 “10ST001QUS”

YI Application gives me exactly the same HTTP Fail(2) error on all units.

I had the same issue. It was because my ISP firewall began blocking it. To resolve it, I added https://plt-gw-us.xiaoyi.com to the exception list.

Hello Yinaut… After further digging, I discovered my problem is K7 Enterprise Firewall is blocking my Yi Application in Windows. Adding your link to the allow list, did not help.

Does anyone know exactly what HTTP it is that the Yi Windows App, is trying to access?

I’m not familiar with K7 but maybe you could try a more general name such as xiaoyi.com or xiaoyi.com.tw depending on your selected server to start with.