Yi Home Guard 1080p

Hi support team,

Is there any chance for repair this broken camera?
After I plug power it’s ticking all the time and that’s it.
Camera stoped working after I tried update firmware from sdcard.
Is it possible to upload the firmware in some other ways or get into camera via LAN?
Take a look whats happen - I uploaded movie on YT.


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From your upload I can clearly hear the noise you describe and there doesn’t appear to be any light changes.

What does it do if you place it in a fully enclosed dark place?

I would contact support about this matter email at support@kamihome.com

Unfortunately switch on camera in the total dark place didn’t work - same ticking every 20 sec. with red diode lightining :confused:

Contact support or if you can the retailer you bought it from and ask for a replacement. It sounds faulty. You’ve done all the tests.

Hey @Martini26 Contact support here https://kamihome.com/contact

Have your order number ready, you can send a link to this thread for reference as well and we can start the replacement process if this camera is within the warranty period. If you’re a cloud subscriber also let support know as well.

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