Yi Home - Constant Recording

I have a Yi Home camera running firmware and it worked fine until a few weeks ago. Suddenly it is recording continuously to the SD card and so filling the card in a few days rather than only recording when motion is detected and the card lasting a month or more before overwriting. It also makes it difficult to review recordings via my phone as you can’t skip to motion detected parts - you just have a solid real time 72 hours to look at.

In settings ‘motion’ is set to ON
Sensitivity level is set to LOW
Activity zone has been made smaller so it only points at my drive - no trees etc.
Activity Detection Recording is ON

These settings have always been like this and it used to work OK.

What else can I do to go back to only recording when motion is detected?

Hello. When you check your recordings do all the recordings look similar and absolutely no movement at all. I would check a reset of the camera if things look the same and see what happens.

Hey @PAUK Thanks for checking in. lets get to the bottom of this

What power source are you using for the camera?

How far away from the wifi router is it?
Are you connected to 2.4ghz or 5g? Please make sure both 2.4ghz on your wifi AND your mobile device. Newer devices are going to favor 5g but you can change that in your phones settings

How many walls in-between the camera and wifi router?
Whatt is the camera model & phone model?

Thanks for your penitence! I hope all is well

Hi @Steven_Kami

I don’t think this is a connection problem but here are the answers to your questions.

I’m using the supplied USB cable connected to a Mains USB charger. Same charger and cable I’ve been using all along. Camera appears powered fine and is transmitting live feed to phone no problem.

Camera is around 18 ft from the router. Neither have been moved for around 18 months. There don’t seem to be any issues with the camera connecting to the router as I can view live feed on my phone any time.

Both phone and router are operating on 2.4 ghz

There is one floor and no walls between camera and router but this does not impede the signal as I can view the feed easily on my phone.

The camera is a Yi 1080p home camera

The phone is Mi A2 Light

There is currently a solid red bar lasting 48 hours rather than the usual short bars triggered by movement despite me moving teh activity detection zone so that all it points at is drive and walls. No trees, no footpath, nothing to trigger motion detection.

Thank you @YorkshireUser. I have rebooted the camera to see if this helps but it didn’t. I will now go one step further and do a reset.

Hey @PAUK Thanks for giving so much detail. I am going to talk with my team about this and get back to you tomorrow, Monday, with some more information on the next steps.

Let us know how the hard reset went. Hope youre having a good day.