Yi Home camera stops recording after midnight "No video recorded to sd card on today."

I have five Yi home cameras, three of them have developed a strange issue where they will record for a whole day but then stop right around midnight. After that I get a message like “No video recorded to sd card on today.” I have reformatted card in camera and It will resume working for the day then it stops again. Anyone know how to fix this?

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Hey @BostonDude What version of the app are you using? Kami Home or Yi home?

I am using Yi Home V 5.0.2 on an iPhone 12

Same issue here

Logging in iOS version nothing is recorded after midnight of the 27th of September . Although it says data is there . I’ll try checking the address card manually tomorrow to see if it’s actually recording

Further inspection sorry android app lets me view video . So think it’s the iOS version

hmmm definitely keep us posted on your testing @Ohnoyoudont it will be helpful data for our team

I have 5 Yi home cameras. All working perfectly. Until the latest update. One works good. 4 do not allow access to sd card. Says there is no sd card activity. No history. I did not upload the update. It was done automatically. I am 80 years old. No clue how to undo the upgrade go back to something that works. All the reviews are 1 and 2 years old.I’m ready to investigate new cameras. Is there a phone number to call?

I posted here because I’m not sure what to do. All 4 off my cameras, quit at 12 midnight. I reformatted the sd cards and they go ok til midnight.

The 5th camera works fine. All settings on the cameras are the same.

Help. I just joined.


As an update, last night I deleted the Yi app and installed the Kami app. Identical issues that I have with Yi. I deleted the cami ap and reinstalled the Yi app. Same issue as before. I reformatted all my cameras sd cards . Everything was perfect until midnight when it stopped history. And the message came up, no activity recorded today. Same problem as before. Is there a timer built into the camera that can be controlled by Yi? And they won’t let history playback?


Hey @Lfr I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble after the most recent update. Have you reformatted your SD cards recently or updated your firmware? Do you have any extra SD cards you can test with?

Yes, after reformatted them and they worked until midnight. Then I bought new ones and same thing.

Hey @BostonDude we are currently looking deeper into this issue. Can you supply us with what camera model you are using?

I have this same issue and posted about this on another post. From reading other posts, this seems to be an issue with the Dome 1080p cameras. I have a Dome 1080p and an outdoor camera. The outdoor camera is NOT having this issue.

Here is a reposting of what I wrote on the “IOS App Problems” post elsewhere.

Is anything being done about the disappearing history issue since the recent update and fix???

I have 2 cameras. Both using SD Cards. The outside camera that is working just fine and one Dome 1080p indoor camera that can not view history on.

I have:
Reformatted both SD Cards
Deleted both cameras from the app
Unplugged both cameras
Logged out of the ios phone app
Deleted the app
Downloaded the app again
Paired the cameras back to the app
All works well until MIDNIGHT of the night I reset everything. That’s when the Dome 1080 p loses it’s history while the outdoor camera history is till working as it should.

We have checked on our desktop computer (using the desktop app) and the history IS there for the Dome 1080p but is not accessible on my ios iphone app which says “No video recorded to SD Card on Today” when I scroll back. Why it’s one camera and not both is odd but does say it’s a model specific issue???

We’d like to be able to scroll back in the history on this camera. I have not seen any mention of this being a known issue other than a couple people on this post are having the same issue. I have not found a work around and I am really hoping this is being addressed in an upcoming “fix” update.

@Toobusy This is a known issue. We do apologize for any confusion or inconvenience. Our team is currently recreating this issue and testing solutions. It is a priority and will be fixed in an upcoming release. As soon as I know more, we will let the forum know.

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New update fixed video recording
iPad still 90 degrees out on iOS 15
It would be nice to have a time stamp on the downloaded videos

Thanks for the update @shireking working on iPad functionality now. A new update should be out in the next few days that directly addresses the 90 degree issue among other things

Hi, it is weird, around 2AM all my 9 cameras stopped recording, 3 cameras for each site.
I’m in the Philippines, and most of the cameras have up to date firmware, and same issue with some camera’s which are not updated.

Hey @inevitable01 That is definitely strange that 9 cameras at 3 different sites all stopped recording at the same time…

Can you tell me which app you are using?
And what version of the app you have? If they are on different firmwares, we can rule that out.
What are the models of the camera? are the all the same or different?
Different sites means different wifi so most likely not a wifi issue but still would like to ask, how’s the wifi signal in the area? Any large outages?
Have you been able to visit any of these sites and check on the status of the camera?reset, unplug/plug back in?

Thanks for coming to the forum. I am sorry to hear you’ve had this problem.

Hmmm…it looked like that last bug update fixed this issue with missing history but today, I went to look back on my SD card and once again, no history. It’s only on my Dome 1080p The outdoor camera SD Card History is accessible as it was prior to that UI Update that caused the problem to begin with.

Good thing - I know the history is there on my SD card because we can view it on our Desktop Computer. It’s only the app that won’t allow it and tells us there is no video.

It seems to work until Midnight each night and then it clears out the history (on the app only…not the Desktop). It’s an access problem. I have IOS 14.8.

So, not fixed afterall.

I have one of my cameras still won’t let me view yesterday’s video I have to wait until the next day to see or record it
Still having problems with the orientation of screen on one of my iPads 90 degrees out iOS 15.02 all this problem needlessly

Here’s a photo showing it won’t show recording of yesterday ring grayed out

Hey @shireking what version of the app are you running? have you updated recently?