Yi home camera can't reconnect after a power shut down - clicking noise and yellow light blinking

I am also having the same problem as others have posted. I have a Yi 1080P Home Camera, Model YYS.2016. There are no problems with my WiFi and I have 1 other yi home 1080p camera which is working correct on the same WiFi.

I’ve reset the camera using the hidden button on the back and the camera says: Reset successfull. After that the camera reboots and start saying “Welcome to Yi Home Camera. Waiting to connect!” and starts flashing yellow light. I then start the Yi Home App on my Android device, scan the QR Code on the back of the camera, setup the WiFi (2,4 GHz) data in the App, scan the QR code with camera from the smartphone screen, camera says “QR-Code scanned is successfull” and the light starts flashing blue for a short time. After that the light becomes yellow and the camera reboots and the camera start saying “Welcome to Yi Home Camera! Waiting to connect”

I tried it many times and moved closer to the router/modem and restarted that also. I can’t connect the camera to WiFi anymore.

I checked my Version also and it is 5.5.6 – Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @Susanb that sounds really frustrating. I am sorry this has been your experience.

May I ask, do you delete the cameras from your account before reseting & pairing?

Yes, I had 2 cameras hooked up and one was not connecting to the internet so I deleted it. When I try to reconnect I get the loop like many others.

Have you contacted our support team yet? Are you by any chance a cloud subscriber?

If you have contacted support, please send me your ticket number. If not, please email support@kamihome.com and we can work on a quick resolution.

Yes I have contacted them, my ticket number is : [#629895]. The reply was to ,“provide us with a short video clip of the pairing process near the router.” I am trying to figure how to do that.

Thanks for the info @Susanb ill take a look.

There is a few different options to add the video. I can send you a link to my dropbox which you can upload the video there and I can share with the team here.

DropBox will send you an email with instructions on how to upload the video file.

Would this help or be of interest to you?

Yes, thank you that would be great

Great - thanks, @Susanb I just sent an email request to your email used for this forum. Let me know if you have any questions