YI Home Camera 3 Firmware Revision

Due to a recent firmware update, some YI customers are facing issues with the following camera(s):

YI Home Camera 3 and YI 1080p Home Camera

If you have updated your camera and are experiencing problems, please revert to the following firmware versions respectively: / You can do so by clicking the button below or downloading the firmware file from our forum at: https://forum.yitechnology.com/.

For the Yi Home Camera 3

For the YI 1080p Home Camera

To revert your camera to the previous firmware version, please read the following steps carefully:

  1. Download the correct firmware version on your computer (this laptop/computer must have an SD card reader).

  2. Insert a microSD card into your computer’s SD card reader.

  3. Place the firmware file onto your microSD card.

  4. Insert the microSD card into your YI Home Camera 3/ YI 1080p Home Camera.

Your camera should start updating automatically. Do not unplug or power off camera until update is complete.

If you are still having trouble with your camera, please contact our support team at support@yitechnology.com.


The YI Technology Hardware Team


Thank you to the YI Tech team for this fix! Both of my YI Home Camera 3 cameras are now up and running 100% with no power error, network issues or any performance degradation.

I made sure my SD card was clean and formatted.
Downloaded the firmware and placed it on the SD card.
Placed SD card in the camera (while camera was off)
Re plugged power back into camera and waited for the blue light to appear.
My 1st camera had the welcome voice come on,
second camera did not just a blue light, all I did was pressed the reset button on the
back of camera and then the welcome voice came on.

Thank you again to the YI Tech Hardware Team
I truly appreciate this!


Thank you for the fast fix! 非常感谢!


What if I don’t have a computer or an SD card? Can you create another link to do it remotely or through the app or on the cell phone?

I’m not sure if this is a common issue, but I’m going to share my experience anyway. My issue with the file was two-fold.
1: My SD card was too large to read when attempting the update (64gb). As this was the smallest SD card I owned I had to use Windows Disk Management to create a small partition then format said partition to FAT32. That’s when I ran into the second problem.

2: The file listed above has one tiny issue; when you download the file it saves as home_m25.txt. As is the camera won’t recognize it to flash it. Simply rename the file to home_m25, dropping the .txt.

After that, the camera recovered and it is now back in use. I hope this information will save at least a few people from the headache of figuring this out.


Hi Aikedab,
Currently we are unable to provide a remote firmware update. If you do not have a laptop or computer available, you will have to ask a friend or family member. Alternatively if you have any public facilities such as a Library near by you may be able to try there.
Hopefully, we will share more update soon.

What about Dome cameras. my one stopped recording after the update.

On 4/2/2020 8:00pm EST I revived the following notification. I stopped immediately after I see the latest version year is before the current version.

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Hi @sam20 and welcome to our community! Please email support at support@yitechnology.com so we can take a look at this for you!

@wlit yes, the current version is the correct one here.

Still not working!
On a Mac. Is there a fix for Mac computers?

Hi @bradley, these links are for a firmware update for the YI Home Camera 3 and YI 1080p Home Camera. If you would like to access the Yi Home app on your MAC you can download the YI Home app on the MAC App Store here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/yi-home/id1215244636?mt=12

Hope this helps!

Hi, I have a Yi Home Dome Camera 1080p and a Yi Home Outdoor Camera 1080p.
They both are connected to my iPhone app and seem to work just fine.
However I can’t seem to see them on the Yi Home Mac App (Version 1.1.5 (1.1.6)).
Please help as I really need them to work on my mac to monitor my business remotely.
I look forward to a prompt reply. Thank You.

Hi @tusharbhatnagar, please reach out to support@yitechnology.com so we can take a closer look at this for you.

Already emailed them when I commented here, waiting for Support’s response.

@tusharbhatnagar If you would like I can check on that for you! I will message you directly to get your information now!

I do not see an option to upgrade to the firmware that you mentioned above. Can you assist please?

I followed the link and my camera has never worked correctly again. I am requesting a replacement camera, please. I NEED my camera for safety reasons and I have not even used this camera for a year yet and I paid for a subscription that I can’t use. Please replace my camera.

@aikedab I am very sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues. Please contact support@yitechnology.com directly with a Forum / [issue] title and your case will be handled individually.

I have 3 Yi Outdoor cameras - why isnt there an update via the Yi Home App:

Im on firmware from 2018 ???

My cameras are 20 feet up a wall on the side of my house - i shouldnt have to take out the SD card when you can push a firmware update out via the App.

Its 2020 for god sake not 2005 !