Yi home camera 3 and echo show 5

I received an echo show 5 for Christmas. I asked for it so I can view my Yi/Kami cameras in my living room. I have enabled Yi and Kami skills in Alexa app and my camera show up as devices in the app. When I ask Alexa to show a camera by name the echo acts as if it’s going to open up the camera but then says camera isn’t responding.

There is an article that walks you through connecting Yi cameras via an Alexa skill on your echo device.

I have read a few comments though that encounter issues with showing Yi cameras on echo devices. So you might need to contact Yi suppprt.

Yeah I followed the steps. My cameras show up on the echo and it tries to connect but fails to.

Email yi support they may be able to help further. But I have read of a few people suffering this.

Not sure what changed but they seem to be working. Now my wish is for an Alexa skill that enables yi/ Kami motion sensing to trigger routines. My Echo Show came with a blink mini, obviously not my first choice for a camera, but it is nice that it can trigger a routine so a couple lamps come on, Alexa notifies me sometimes at the door and shows the camera on the screen when someone approaches the front door.