Yi Home Camera 1- No Audio when Recording Playback Videos to IPhone

My Yi Home IPhone app can play back videos with audio from the SD card on my IPhone. However, when recording the payback videos to the IPhone, the recorded video on IPhone does not have audio despite the fact that audio was not muted on the camera or IPhone Apps.

This function used to work in the past but I am not sure if it is broken in the latest update of Yi Home app for IPhone.

Hello. What version of cameras are you using? What iOS and iPhone are you using as well please?

I’ve just accessed multiple Yi cameras via my iOS devices and can hear live audio and previously recording audio. So would be good to know more about your devices.


Hey @camuser Thanks for checking the forum for more information. Thats frustrating there is no sound on your SD card recorded videos.

Has the sound ever worked? Or, is this is a new issue?
What iPhone model do you have? Verision of the Yi Home app?
Can you press the account button on the bottom menu selection and check to see if your firmware is up to date?

Also, we have two apps that you can use. Please download the Kami Home app, log in with your Yi credentials and test to see if this is recreated as well.

Thanks for your help. And, welcome to the community! Its a great place to learn and share from other Yi/Kami users.

I would like to also say that I have the same issue. If I record clips off of my SD card, with microphone and sound enabled, there is no sound during playback of the recording. I have an iPhone 12, all updated. It had worked in the past, and so not sure why sound functionality has stopped.

However, curiously enough, a work around is if I upload the video to to Google Photos for back up, I can play the video on my PC. Also, if I upload the video to OneDrive for back up, I can play the video from OneDrive on my iPhone. I don’t understand why there needs to be a workaround for this to work properly, when it used to work just fine.

Any insights?

I have encountered same issue with my Yi Cameras, i can play it via the app with sounds, but when saved on my android mobile phone, there are no sounds, weird thing is sometimes it has sounds… :frowning:

Not sure if ur recording via iPhone record but i was doing that and received no sound. I did not realize u must record via Yi app for sound to save.

Find the part of the video u want to record and tap the video recorder icon on the bottom left part of the video located next to the camera icon (i attached an image for reference) then u have the option to save it.

I had to iMessage it to myself as it doesn’t give u the option to save to ur photo library.

HOPE THIS HELPED! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Thanks for sharing this helpful tip @meaghantollar This will definitely help others. We are working to improve the experience and this is something on our radar for future releases.

I’ve encountered the same issue with my android and Yi Dome U camera, I wonder if this issue only with the SD card or the cloud as well

Have you made sure that audio is enabled on the specific camera you are trying to download recordings for? If the camera has audio enabled, it will download videos with sound.

There is no option to download video that recorded on SD card, for that I need to play it and record it via Yi app, If I play the video from Yi app there is sound, but when I play and record the video there is no sound.