Yi home application not recording more than one day on sd card!!!

Hii every one…last period I bought two kinds of home cameras that work on yilot and yi home…but I noticed that your company is not encouraging using sd cards…it only records for one day…then even if records on SD not permit to be shown on yi applications on mobile!!!..is all your brands is like that?! .between all brands I purchased in my life this Yi brands is the only one who misuse its application towords bothering customers to purchase cloud storage…its not strange that we can see alot of your camera brands seen on web site that sale used camera…really your application is boring…if remains like that not showing recorded videos.I might too throw away your brand cameras snd buy new trustable camera that records for weeks or even month on sd cards with 120 GB storage…dont tell me try new SD card…I tried…its only your brands with different names …all the same similar application…the same bothering issue…I got two of your brands of camera that work on same similar spplication with same problem…If some one want to purchase your cloud will purchase with even out those tricks…if some one doesnt want…he will not buy your brands by those application misuses.or tricks…if you want more customers to your camera brans you have to change your policy of mususing customers by limiting records on sd cards…

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Under each camera setting - look for SD Card Recording Mode and make sure it’s set to Continuously. Otherwise it will only record events. Maybe that will fix it.