YI home 720 dome camera cannot connect and Account Was Erased

This weekend i noticed that i could not connect/ view through my cameras, two 720p YI cameras. I rebooted my router and my modem and disconnected/reconnected the cameras. This did not help, i am getting an error “no network connectivity.” I tried uninstalling the ap on my iphone, and reinstalled and yi does not recognize my account. I have had these two cameras for about a year. I could not even log in via my pc with my credentials. I know they are the same/correct because i use a password manager. i reset one of my cameras and have found that i can view through the camera only by using cellular. I cannot use wifi. I checked my router’s connected to see if it had a firewall blocking data and to see if there was a device that was blocked and there wasn’t. Thoughts?

Hey @Mikydran12 have you tried a hard reset of your wifi? Unplugging for at least 30 seconds, while also resetting your Yi Cameras?

Let me know how it goes, and if needed, we can escalate this with our support team.

Will try that tonight. Thank you for the suggestion.

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Thanks @Mikydran12 Let me know how it goes. We will go from there.

Tried a hard reset of the router and the modem. I actually unplugged them for about a minute. But no one can view through them with wifi. Each one of us have to turn off wifi and use cellular to view through them. This is a weird situation. Is there a port that needs to be open? I may have to connect directly to the modem and see if it has controls set.

@Mikydran12 if possible connect to the modem and see if it has controls set. We may need to escalate this to our technical support.

If you decide to open a ticket with our support, email support@yitechnology.com and include a link to this thread for their reference. Once you have a ticket number, please let me know, and I will follow up.