Yi Home 1080p AI+ firmware?

Hi! My 5 months old Yi Home camera 1080p AI+ (BFUSY4) has stopped working, only orange steady light.

I want to try to update the firmware from a SD card, but in Yi web page there is no firmware download for this model. Where could I get the firmware for a Yi Home Camera 1080p AI+?

Lots of thanks

Hello. You will need to contact customer services for further advice regarding obtaining firmware


I would try removing the camera from your account in the app first. Then reset the camera and attempt to set it up again.

I assume nothing changed in your environment, camera not moved, no changes to the ISP/router etc. The camera went from working to just not working?

Do you have any other IOT devices or Yi/Kami cameras? How are they operating?

I unplug the camera and the replug it, and orange steady light.

I have a bunch of Yi cameras, almost any model, but only one of 1080p AI+

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Try the reset procedure.

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Hey @tomascrespo Checking in on how things are going. Were you able to get your cameras back up and running?



Give both these articles a read to see if this helps. Solid yellow light indicates the device is rebooting or updating firmware. A reset should help.

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I have tried to reset the camera with no luck. Always orange steady light inmediatly after plug in the camera. Reset button do nothing.

Finally I contacted with Yi support by email, they sent me a firmware file, I copied it to a sd card and the camera upgraded its firmware and now is working perfectly again.


Awesome! Glad to hear all has been resolved. Can you send me the ticket number you received from our support team? I want to read the thread, find that firmware they sent you.

Same huge problem here! Yi home1080p AI+ dead! Stucked with yellow light! I’ve tried everything but nothing. No firmware to download !? Why?

Hey @Buzyt Have you tried to update your firmware directly from the app? Have you tried to remove the camera from your account, hit the reset button, and go through the pairing process again?

Hi Steven!
Can’t update thru app because i’ve deleted the camera in the app.
I’ve spent around 8-9 hours trying to fix the camera. I’ve tried absolut everything.
I’ve also sent a message to support to ask for the firmware. If manual update dosen’t work, then my camera it’s bricked definitevly.

Thank you !

Hi there!
I have the same problem like you had! I’ve also ask the firmware form support!
They say they don’t have the firmware anymore. How it’s possible that they don’t have it, it’s at least strange for me.
Anyway, can you help me with the firmware? Do you still have it ?

Many thanks.