Yi Dome U Privacy Mode

Hi, I’ve recently bought a Yi Dome U Pro camera. This a nice one! I’ve been using Yi cameras since 2012 and I’m fascinated about having the right quality/price combo.

I read this in the blog and that made me buy this one
Yi Dome U - Ultimate Privacy Camera

Also, in the Aliexpress Yi Official Site, saw this:

Now that I’ve got the camera, I cannot find the Privacy mode option in the app

How do I activate this? I thought on flipping the lid manually but I’m afraid this could damage the motion motor on the camera.

Hello in the camera setting you should see a toggle switch to turn the camera off.

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Hello @caznaran Thanks for coming to the forum and for your kind words! We have had some EXCELLENT feedback from our community about this camera. Glad you’re enjoying!

If you press the back arrow in the upper left corner, toggle camera off and the privacy cover will activate :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply! I didn’t test that, it works perfect!

I’ve love the scheduling feature, when I saw the reply I looked at the camera and it went off automatically according to the schedule I set.

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@caznaran glad all is worked out :slight_smile: The scheduling feature is AWESOME. Great tool. Contributes to a worry free experience. Thanks for coming to the forum for more info!

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