YI Dome Guard clicks and spins

My new Yi Dome Guard will not pair. Once plugged in, it clicks and then proceeds to spin like a display model or something. I’ve tried different power cords with no luck. I’ve also tried the rest but it doesn’t even reset. It just sits with the red light for a moment, clicks, then blinks red and spins before repeating. It came in a 2 pack and the other paired just fine.

Seriously?? No one can answer this? Customer support doesn’t want to touch it??

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I am having same problem with the wifi 360 camera only I tried ti reinstall the app on my phone and now the qr code on back with the ID of camera is reading not valid so I mean what now I pay yall for a subscription (wich i have cancelled no use for it if my camera dont work)and magically my camera stops working. Somebody tell us how to fix this working but not working problem