Yi Dome Camera U

I just bought a Yi Dome Camera U and my puppy chewed through the cord it came with, but I got another one. When that happened the camera went offline and the yellow has been on. It won’t blink, reset, turn blue and no voice commands. I’ve deleted it from my account, deleted the app, then re-downloaded the app. When I tried adding the camera back, it wouldn’t work. I’ve tried downloading a firmware to see if it needed to update. That didn’t work. I don’t know how to fix it. Can anyone please help?

Hello. It could be that the usb cable is not powerful enough to transmit power to the camera. The replacement you bought was it good quality ?

I’m not aaare the Yi sell the cables separately. But @Steven_Kami may know differently.

Well it’s an android charger so that may be it. I didn’t think that would make a huge difference though

In theory no you wouldn’t but it does seem to do. I have not tried a non-supplied cable with the cameras I have. I might have to to test