Yi Dome 1080p Dome Camera reset button is broken

My Yi Dome 1080p dome camera reset button is broken and I needed to change the Wifi… Right now it is not connecting to network, just blue light is blinking. Can you send me latest firmware to reset it from the Sdcard slot? Or any other chance to do it from the surface of the mainboard?

To connect the camera to a new WIFI connection, you need to delete your camera from your account, reset the camera, and pair it to the new network of your choice.

On this type of issue, please reach out to us at the email listed below so our customer support can help you out:


I have same problem reset button came broken on mine it set the first time but stopped working now it won’t connect it won’t talk except for saying SD card found it only spins clicks when it’s red lights come on an that’s it the qr code on the back says invalid when scanned and it will not show up on app to try an connect in any way