Yi Cameras use lots of data

Hi There,

I have five Yi Home Cameras. And recently we noticed that those five cameras are using lots of Internet data. I didn’t subscribe any cloud service. Why those cameras are actively download so many data all the time?

Hello. It would be helpful if you could show some data usage statistics and why you feel it’s using too much data (in relation to what?).

The additional information will be useful for further investigation.

Thanks for your reply.

Our ISP has month data limitaion of 1.2TB. Last month we were exceed the limitaion which caused our attention. Normally our monthly usage of the data is 300~700gb. I was try to turn off/on each of devices at my house before midnight and check the consumption at 8am morning to see which one consumes most of data. Before I turned off the Yi camera, the data cosumption is around 6gbs. After I disabled 5 Yi cameras, the data consumption back to normal which is around 400mbs. I didn’t capture all the screenshoot of consumption for last couple days. But I’m pretty sure the 5 Yi cameras consumed big portion of our data.