Yi Cameras suddenly not connecting

I have 4x external 1080p cams and 1x internal. I manage and view them from my Android phone, Android tablet and also the Windows app on PC. I have a cloud subscription for all of them.

This has worked reliably for at least 6 months, but today I suddenly can’t access the system. The web app won’t allow me to log-in (error message Send Http Fail (301)). The Android app loads, but won’t connect to any of the cameras (error message Network unavailable, please check your network settings (-2009))

Nothing has changed in my home network settings, all other internet & web services are working, on all other devices. I checked my Pihole DNS server, and attempted connections to gw-eu.xiaoyi.com are being allowed through.

I uninstalled the Windows app and reinstalled with current version from https://kamihome.com/firmware/ but it still won’t allow me to log-in.

Is there a problem with the Yi/Kami systems today?

We are sorry that our app does not work on your device. Our team is aware of these issues and is actively working to fix. We will be releasing an update to resolve the issue. If there is anything we can do for you, just let us know at https://www.kamihome.com/contact

Same problem, Today 25.07.2023 my Yi Home camera do not connect to Yi Home app !!! what the hell happen ? never before had a problem like this, all day can’t connect

I tried connect via Yi Home app on computer and connect fine.

What are you doing !!! ??? when this will be fixed ?

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I checked the service status early on and all showed good there! I’ve since spent ages uninstalling and reinstalling the apps on three different devices, completely wasting my time as I now find you’re aware of an issue! Thanks a lot!

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You knew the system had failed, but you didn’t notify your users? My cameras have been offline for over 24hrs now, I’ve wasted hours trying to rectify this. It was over 12hrs before you responded to my help request.

Even now, my Android app says no cameras are active in my account and I have to reinstall them. I’ve also received an email asking me to create a new Kami Vision account. Seems as if I’ve been erased from your system and have to start again.

I’m sorry, but I need a more reliable and responsive service. I have cancelled my Yi Cloud plan, and I’m moving to Ring.


It’s a joke from them, same problem nothing work since yesterday !!! only I can connect via Yi Home on computer app, on smartphones app nothing work.


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Seems to have been sorted, now! Re-paired with my iPad and then had no issue connecting on Android, when I signed in there.

Nothing was sorted!!! Still not work, not connect on Yi Home app on Android.

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Cancelled my Yi Cloud plan, new Ring cameras arrived today.

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Good decision and buy, I also disconnected this Yi useless crap, and switching to NAS QNAP QVR monitoring with IP cameras. I will not recomended this Yi anymore, they only do fast now is adding adverts in their app, and even can’t fast fix not working Yi Home app, this is security monitoring ? this is a joke.

Unreliable Yi cameras all removed, now installing Ring devices. Costs a little more, but what good is a security system that you can’t trust to work properly?

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salaam just so you are aware I dont believe the URL you are looking at is related to Kami Cameras at all that is an educational software developer with a product called KamiApp.