Yi Camera 1080p

I am trying to setup the Yi 1080p camera. But when it connected to power, the orange light is on.
I try to add the camera, I do not hear anything from the camera. It is not saying “Waiting to connect”
I tried reset. after pressing the button, there is nothing happening. the camera still show a steady orange led.

Hey @hq83 Thanks for coming to the community forum for more information. I am sorry to hear you’re having issues pairing your camera.

Can you power cycle the camera? Unplug, plug in.
And, try again?
Has it ever connected to the app or is it a new addition?

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Hi @Steven_Kami, this camera has been bought quite long ago. more then 6mths ago. but it was not used. was kept in sealed box till now.
Just opened it yesterday and try to set it up. It was not connected to the app before.
The app is also newly created. Just download and create my account yesterday.
Yes, I have tried to power cycle a few times.
Pressing reset button also nothing happen.
Support case has also been logged. 606588

Hey @hq83 Thanks for the info. I am going to follow your ticket and make sure we get this resolved one way or another.

Do you have an SD card installed? If so then remove the card and see if it will allow you to set it up. If that works then the SD card may be bad or it may need to be reformatted

just an update. issue has been solved.
Case was logged from the app.
after investigation, photos and videos provided, support conclude that issue is with camera and was told to check back with my seller to get a replacement/refund.
Requested for the firmware to update the camera using SD card. was told that this would void the warranty.
Contacted my seller and was redirected to email supportasia@yitechnology.com.
This support went through the troubleshooting steps and provided the firmware file.
Updated the camera firmware using SD card. and the camera is working now.
Case close.

Not sure what the different between both of this support, and why can’t the firmware be provided with the first support.

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Thanks for updating the forum. Let me do some digging on that one but it strange you got different feedback.

i have the same issue, can i get the firmware too?

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Same problem. Camera worked for months, suddenly disconnected. All other cameras still worked.
I attempted to re-connect the camera.
Power down, reset, etc, even reset router and had the camera right next to the router for setup.
I get to the part where it tries to read the QR code, and nothing happens.
I know the QR function works, I can read these codes elsewhere. I went to the QR code reader in the account/help section of the phone app, and the QR code reads fine.
I have 9 cameras, the Yi 1080p, and the others function.
I took one of the working cameras down to the location of the malfunctioning camera to verify that the signal is OK. That one would not connect, either. When I put the previously functioning camera back to its original location, it would no longer connect and I get the same error when trying to re-connect.
I recently purchased 2 new outdoor cameras, and they both have the same problem, the QR code will not read. In addition, the language on the 2 new cameras is not English.
I removed the SD card to test and still no connection.
I have sent several emails, but each response is the same, the tech does not read previous emails and tell me to do the same steps, ALL of which I have done repeatedly.
I supplied all the information asked for. They want to replace all 4 units. Is this the only option?
If I cannot rely on these cameras working reliably in the future, it may be best to scrap all 9 and get another brand.
ticket number: # 1127090

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same thing is going on with one of my cameras, can I
get the new firmware also

me ha pasado lo mismo, y no consigo conectar nada se ha puesto ha hablar en chino. necesito el firmware para europa pero los enlaces estan rotos y no los consigo. donde puedo encontrarlos

donde puedo encontrar el firmware para Europa de la YI1080p Home Camera, Model: YYS.2016.