YI account Linked but no cameras showing in Google home app

I have linked my account in the Google Home app and it gives me a “linked successfully” notifications but when I go to add devices my Kami/Yi outdoor wireless camera does not show up. I tried to also link my Kami account but it gives and error and will not allow login.


Hey Brandon, thanks for joining the forum. One of the tech support team is going to help you with this query shortly.


@Brfletch I apologize for this matter. Just to confirm, are you saying you have both YI brand and Kami brand home security cameras? If you have a YI brand camera, you need to add the YI Home Camera link. If you are using a Kami brand camera, you need to add the Kami Home link. After testing, I’m able to add the YI Home Camera link in the Google Home app. When adding the YI Home Camera link, as long as the camera is a YI brand and is active in the YI Home mobile app, you should see your camera after linking the YI account. However, I did notice an issue when trying to add the Kami Home link. I received an error and was not able to link. I’m currently looking into that issue with the Kami Home link.

Hello Patrick,
Thanks for looking into this matter for me. I have a Kami branded camera, and this morning i tried the Kami Home connection via Google Home (add Device Setup) and it worked. Looks like what ever you did on your end to fix the issue with the connection has worked.


Im having this same issue now… Cameras work fine inside Kami home and Yl home apps. However when trying to connect to Google Home I receive and error message. I have talked to Kami Customer Service and I have spoke with Google Tech Support. Both say the issue isn’t on their end. Do anyone have a valid solution?

I have a similar problem, the device is visible in the Yi Home app and works fine (Yi camera 1080p).
When I try to add google home, I get a message that there are no devices available