Yi 360 ceramic stopped moving up and down

I purchased yi 360 camera dec 2019 and mid june it stopped moving up and down but still panned left and right, I unplugged it as we were decorating and it’s mainly used to watched our dogs whilst out but due to covid we hardly left the house. I plugged it back in Jan 21 and reset it and Did any firmware updates, it says its up to date but it still won’t move up or down and now the sound isn’t working either, if I talk through the app you can hear my voice through the camera but I cant hear on the app if the dogs are howling when I leave the house?? It’s not been damaged and it’s frustrating as it hardly been used. Would be grateful if someone could offer some support or advice. Thx

Hello @Terrilam That sounds frustrating. I am so sorry to hear you’re having issues.

Can you reset the camera instead of unplugging and plugging back in?

Check out these links to learn how to reset your camera.



In regards to your microphone, please pull up the settings for the camera in question, then select “Camera Settings”. Make sure the Mircophone is switched ON and switch your call mode to “hands-free”. This will allow of continuous chat.

Let us know how it goes! Hope you’re having a lovely day.

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Hi, thank you for your reply, I have just gone through all of the instructions you gave, making sure they align but I was hopeful but I have no differences at all. Which is such a shame.
Is there anything else I can do? I really need to sort this as I am due to start a new job soon and really hoping to use you camera for what I purchased it to do.
Many thanks for your help.

Hey @Terrilam I am sorry to hear that the suggested troubleshooting methods did not resolve your issue. It sounds like this may be a problem with the camera. Let me send your a direct message to gather a little more information.

Many thanks for your patience and understanding.

Thank you, it really hasn’t been used for more than about 8mths. So it’s had very little use and is well looked after.

Having the same issue, camera is only moving left/right but not up and down. Reset didn’t help. Was it solved?