YI 1080P stuck on "New firmware is downloading".

YI 1080P stuck on “New firmware is downloading” when updating in Android app. Have tried placing on sdcard and manual upload per directions on this site…but it does not appear to do anything. The Yi app states the camera is still using version App states new version available. Try updating again and back to the “New firmware is downloading” notice for over 2 hours. Tried to update 2 brand new cameras right out of the box and still no luck.

The cameras are connected and show video in app and in Windows 10 PC.

Please help.

Hello, sorry to hear about the problem encountered with the update. Have you checked if the cameras and the mobile phone are connected to the same network?

They are both connected to my local WiFi network.

Does the camera popped a massage on the app saying it needs to be updated?

Yes, I then click update and it just sits there saying new firmware is downloading…but it never gets off of 0/100.