YI 1080P stuck on "New firmware is downloading".

No Problem on the delay. The issue is I have 4, they are brand new, they all have the same issue. I do not believe all 4 could possibly be broken - that seems strange. 3 of them are installed remotely and 1 is here with me while I work on it. If I send all 4 back I won’t have anything watching the property. The one thing I don’t understand is how all 4 could be broken or faulty - So I am trying to assist you to fix this without the hassle of an RMA. One thing that has been not answered is what is the correct version of firmware that is supposed to be on them, this would point to an “app” issue if the app is telling me it needs an update when it doesn’t. Also does the firmware download to the phone or to the SD card on the camera when doing the automatic update. Some of those answers might lead us to what could be wrong. Also on the manual update what is the correct name to rename the 8.2.xx firmware that also might be the issue, I think it’s looking for the filename to be like home_y and not

A working firmware is the one I have previously mentioned to use. It sounds like the firmware update failed on your camera. Since it was new it tries to do an update.

A few people have had this issue and it’s fixed by taking out the micro sd card using a computer to put the firmware on then updating it by putting the micro sd card into the camera then turning it back on.

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OK I don’t understand why nobody will answer the question about firmware version numbers !! Thank you for the post but if you read my other posts I am doing the SD card computer method now sine the App update never works and yes your version 2.1.0E_201809191630 loads fine and is the original version it came with, everything seems to work except person detection. Now the app and the Kami an Yi websites tell me to install version which is NOT the version you linked to. So I will ask again which version is it supposed to be at ? since that might be the whole problem.

So some more googling and I think maybe it might be my version of camera does not take the firmware. My cameras show 9FUSY31 on the back label and that firmware the app is trying to download appears to be for the y20 version since it says y20gam in the name. Maybe it’s not the firmware I need since my label shows Y31 ? I did just buy these and the order email says I bought the Yi Home 1080P AI+ so not the regular Yi Home 1080P. Not sure that makes a difference it’s just a thought.

Hmmm @cmdrunix that is helpful. The y20 and the y20ga are different camera models.

Let me follow-up with the team on this one. There might be an issue with the over air transmission or something else.

Your patience is appreciated. I’ll be in touch tomorrow with more info.

Any update on this? I am having the same issues.

Hello. Are you doing it Over the Air via the app? If so can you try the manual method?

Hey @ltlbull Welcome to the community!

can you send us a screen shot of the firmware version from your app?

Many thanks for your assistance.