YI 1080p Home Camera - crackling sound issue


I’ve bought myself a 2pack of YI Home 1080p cameras (model:YYS.2016, SN: 9Y20GAEUW090xxxxx, date:2020.10) my brother did the same but I think from some other seller (his model is also YYS.2016, SN: BY21GAEUW090xxxxx , date: 2020.09). My BOTH cameras have the same problem with microphone audio - i hear a constant crackling sound which makes it useless for intercom or just hearing what’s going on. They’ve been updated to the latest firmware:, I’m using IOS app. It is not the problem of my phone or app because when I’ve pared one of my brother’s cameras it worked perfectly fine on my phone/app no noise or cracking sounds with perfectly clear audio. I did notice however his camera’s firmware (also up to date) version is different ( although both of our cameras seems to be an identical model they use different firmwares which is odd… Or they sell the same product with different hardware inside and some work better than the other but there is no way to choose which version you’ll get when you are buying one. Nevertheless I really need audio to be working without any issues. Please advise what is wrong as resetting them or restarting, deleting from the app or even moving to another location is not resolving the issue :frowning:

Hey, @Pegaz I sent you a personal message about your concern. :blush:

I’ve got this on a couple of cams and have just given up trying different USB cables or power sources. It’s definitely the cams. Changing wifi channel doesn’t help either.

I guess you get what you pay for

@divadiow No, because like i said before my brother a week before me bought 2 of these and they don’t have that issue. There is couple of hardware versions inside the same model of our cameras and looks like the ones we’ve got are bad. What is the beginning of your serial number?? YI Support wanted proof of purchase from me as well as 100 other things… I didn’t have the time for all of that so far so I thought I will wait for the next FW hoping it will get fixed but something new has appeared recently but unfortunately it’s still the same. I’ve got it from AliExpress from “YI Official Store“ where did you get yours from?

Having same issue with my Yi 1080p Home camera. It wasn’t like this from the very beginning, so not sure if firmware broke it, but the crackling sound from the camera makes it almost unusable. Is there a fix?

I’m extremely confused I have the yi eye smoke detector and it won’t record v the voices well not all at b least bc it keeps making some type of loss scrambling bought that is piercing. Has anyone had this issue b and if so were u able to fix it.
If there’s no audio being recorded then this device is useless to
Me. I bought two and guess I’m gonna return both. They were 300 each sooo… if any one can help with this problem I would greatly Appreciate it. Thanking you in advance