YI 1080 pair up

I have spended a ton of times to hear “waiting to connect”. I did all steps as recommended by Tech support Iincluding resetting my My Eero 6 router to 2.4 GHz many times and download the new firmware then inserted the SD in to the YI 1080 but still no luck for pairing.
I finally decided to dump all 4 x YI Cameras into gabage and buying the new ones, definitely not YI/Kami
Good luck all

I feel your pain. Every time the power goes out it takes days for me to pair it again. But what I’ve found is that if I leave the camera unplugged for a while and then reset it works. It’s definitely a hassle.

Thanks for this tip.
Unfortunately there is nobody who could do it for me. One camera came back, but the other two are still off.
On my next visit I will replace the cameras by other model.