YI 1080 last firmware update night vision worse


I’ve noticed that a new firmware was released for yi 1080 cameras. It seems that during day the imagequality has improved, but during night it is much worse. It is very dark, like the contrast has increase a lot, so during night some dark areas are darker now, and I can not see anything where I could see perfectly before update.

Probably a contrast correction should be enough to fix this issue, but I am not happy with last update :frowning:

Hey Josemic, thank you for the feedback. I have let the app team know about this.

My night vision is also worse after update. Seems like its trying to focus constantly. Have tried upluging and restarting. Any help or advice on fixing this issue?

@Mike08kurtz thanks for joining the forum. You also have a YI Home 1080p? What version of the app are you running? iOS or Android and the version number if you don’t mind. Thanks!

This is the same thing here and I tested multiple cameras for my babys monitor and it looks pitch black and grainy. Makes no sense

Hello. What camera model do you have and can you note your firmware version on this thread please?

For the firmware: Camera view > Settings > Camera Settings > Firmware Version.