Y1 home app freesing after latest upday today

Today there were an update from y1 home app( in iOS), installed the uopdate and now the app freezes eveytime trying to open it.
Action taken so far:
-Rebooted the phone ( iphoneXs

  • Removed and re installed app
    still the same problem

Hello @Alex69 Thank you for coming to the community. We value our community. Your feedback is important as it helps us create a better app for all to enjoy. We are aware of the issues with iOS and are actively working on a fix. Please check back in 48 hours for an update. Thank you for all your support and patience.

Hi, This morning I installed tothe latest update, ( YI Home 5.0.1 & Kami Home 3.0.1).
unfortunately the problem remains exactly the same, frozen and not able to use the app.
I have not been able to use the cameras for the last few days, it is important for your tech guys to sort this out asap please.
Thanks for your support.

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Hi when I go on to the app all it does if freeze I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but still the same I’ve have this from when I updated the app at the moment the cameras are no good if I can’t see it so if something isn’t done I’m going to send them back and give a bad review so please do something about it


Any updates???

Is there anyway to go back to previous version (before last two updates) for the time being, till such a time that you can fix all the bugs?


Is there any technical support???

After the update I can’t find where to make the picture full screen. It used to go full screen when you hit the live feed. I have used the Yi home 3 for a couple of years and never had a problem until now!!! With this new update it is not user friendly and the pictures and live are so small that you can’t even see it. Is there a new setting to make it full screen or do I need to find a different service?


To make mine full screen I tap the picture then in bottom r/h corner I have two arrows, click them then you can turn screen to full. But on new firmware update you can’t see recorded history…not that I can even record to SD now !!

Hey @Alex69 We are sorry to hear that the app is crashing. Have you reached out to our team at www.kamihome.com/contact?

me, too… new version is really suck… i cant record while live…i guess they remove feature record…only i see SCREENSHOT thats it… please FIX as soon as possible thankyou.

but i need to know how download old version…i dont like 5.xx is suck

take llok image no there icon RECORD VIDEO

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@LeslieOM Please update to our most recent app update. We have not removed the ability to record during live view. Also, please see this article with detailed steps on how to record from live view: https://news.yitechnology.com/how-to/info-on-how-to-make-the-most-out-of-your-app/

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