Why timelaps video quality is so BAD?

Timelapse is a great feature however the quality and resolution of the videos makes it useless - this is not even HD and over-compressed! Is there anyway to save and download it in better quality? Thanks

Hello @slawa19 Thank you for coming to the community for more information! We agree that time lapse is a great feature :slight_smile:

Is your camera in HD or SD mode when you start the time lapse? If it’s in SD mode, of course the quality will be muuuuch lower. However, in HD the quality is great. I just tested this feature myself in both HD and SD. HD is a huge improvement.

Seems this is not the case - I forced the camera into HD mode, however, it still saves the timelapse in SD… :frowning:

Can you check your phone settings for the app to see if you can allow HD download? or some setting change? I’ll look around my phone settings to see if I can understand why mine downloads in HD