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I have running 4 cameras and I control it on two different iphones (my iphone6 and my wife iphone8) using iOS YI Home application. Everything works fine. Recently I got new iphone 12 mini, I setup it as new phone, I downloaded new YI Home application but I’m not able to login with my account credentials. I always got error message: Network connection timeout, please retry later. No luck for few days. Im able to logout and login back on old 6 and 8, also on pc client. I try home wifi, cellular … still same error.

Any advice?


Hey @Jan Thank you so much for coming to the community! I am sorry to hear youre having some issues after switching to a new phone model.

Will you make sure your phone is connected to 2.4ghz instead of 5g? Newer phone models instinctively connect to 5g. We have seen people with newer phone models report this same issue. Then, checking their wifi ghz settings is what did the trick.

Once you get connected through 2.4ghz, you can switch back to 5g.

Let me know how it goes.

Hi @Steven_Kami, thank for advice. I figured it out. As always, it was user problem. :slight_smile: I have VPN setup on my phone which get me to other state as is my location. When I turned off VPN I was able to login. After successfull login I can turn on VPN again. I hope this can help someone in future.


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Ah! Yes, the VPN. That will definitely contributed to the login challenges. Thank you so much for letting me know what cleared everything up. I can all but guarantee that this will come up again :slight_smile:

Have a good one! Thanks for stopping by the forum. I hope to see you around!

Hi I’m having the same problem but I am not using any VPN , I do have 2 cameras I just bought another one , one of them the reset button does not work, I need a solution asap pls whats the phone# to call you , I need to fix this problem

Hey @hubscher73 thanks for coming to the community forum for more information.

I am going to send you a direct message to help resolve this as quickly as possible.Please check your forum inbox.

Hi Steven, I´m having the same problems. I cannot log in to my YI Home account cause I keep getting error:“Network connection timeout, please retry later”. I´ve been getting this error for hours. I´m also not using VPN. I cannot log in and/or try the “Forget password” optin cause I get the exact same error as above plus the "Code (tap to refresh) does not even work. I have 4 cameras that were working just fine but I noticed the problem today. Please advise, thank you in advance for your cooperation. Cheers!

Hey @ACPS Thank you for reaching out to the community forum>

The best way to get into contact with our support team is via our chat. here -> https://kamihome.com/contact/

Are you a cloud subscriber?
What method of login do you use? Facebook, Apple, email & password?
Can you send me a picture of the camera with a broken reset button?

Where did you purchase your camera from? And, how long ago?

Many thanks for your assistance.

I am using a VPN and when it’s running I can not connect to any of my cameras either on mobile or desktop app. So I guess VPNs are not supported and I basically have to disconnect my VPN any time I want to use my Kami / Yi cameras? It seems to open up a security hole? Does Kami plan to support VPNs in the future?

Hi @noahtodd, yes of course work with VPN! Just be sure you can navigate on Internet with your VPN… To be sure Add at your DNS.

Hey @noahtodd give @_Giuseppe suggestions a try and let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

I am able to perform all other functions on the internet with my VPN except access my Kami / Yi cameras. If I add it seems like I am introduction another service “Cloudflare” Which seems to basically be a free VPN application of sort also with paid upgrades. I am already paying for a VPN why would I do this? Is here not some configuration in the app for the cameras that will help me access them while my VPN is running?

Am I missing something about what @_Giuseppe wrote? If I were to do it, where would I add why would I need to use another third party service to allow the cameras to work.

Hi @noahtodd first of all, you can use different DNS (DNS it’ not a VPN), so if you prefer Google DNS it’s ok ( ). Anyway, it’s more complicated, but for you, i think that schema it’s good for understand:

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Hi @_Giuseppe, thanks for putting this graphic together. It does help me understand.

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FYI I was able to adjust some settings on my VPN that allowed me to connect. I didn’t need to set a custom DNS such as or otherwise. (not to say that wouldn’t help, just I didn’t need to do it)

Very cool @noahtodd that’s awesome to hear. Anything you can share with the forum for anyone running into the same VPN challenge?