Unable to link with Google Home


I am trying to link my cameras to google home, but unable to do so with my main account as I signed up with a facebook login which the google home login does not prompt for. I have shared the cameras with another account and logged in with that, but Google Home says that there are no cameras detected.

Hey @alex2k4uk I am sorry to hear that! First question for you, when did you create your Yi/Kami Home account?

Hey, I couldn’t be sure but would guess around 3-4 years ago

Unfortunately, when using FB password to log in to our app, it isn’t compatible with Google Home. Google Home tries to authenticate your password through our app but because your password is stored in FB, it can not do so. We do apologize for any inconvenience. The only work around would be to create a new app account, pair your cameras to the new account, and then connect to Google Home.