Unable to connect my yi cameras with google

Whenever I try to connect the my yi cameras o google so I can see it on my home nest hub , I give my credentials and then it says "signing in " and then it says "linking your yi home camera account " and then it says " couldn’t update the settings , check your connection " . There is nothing wrong with my connection or cameras as this only occurs when I try to connect

Hey @smarthomerocks I am sorry to hear you’ve having trouble connecting your yi cameras with you google. Please see these detailed instructions below for trouble shooting:

1.Remove the cameras from the Google Hub App.
2.Power cycle the cameras. (Unplug and re-plug them for 5 to 10 seconds)
3.Proceed with the setting up

Then follow these steps.
Step 1: Create a YI user account and set up a camera

1.If you haven’t already, please download YI Home app or Kami Home app from the App Store or Play Store and create an account

2.Follow the instruction to set up camera(s)

Step 2: Connect YI Home devices to Google Assistant

1.Download and open the Google Home app

2.Tap the + symbol at the top left.
3.Click “Set up device”.
4.In the Set Up page, select “Works with Google” at the bottom.

5.Under “Add devices”, search “Yi Home Camera (if using a YI camera) or Kami Home Camera (if using a Kami camera)”.

6.In the next step, select the region of the YI Home or Kami Home account. Enter your YI Home or Kami Home account email and password. Click “Login” to authorize Google to access your devices.

7.Once linked, select cameras from the list and add to a room.

Step 3: If you are streaming to a Nest Hub, make sure the device is set up. If you are streaming your camera to a tv with a Chromecast and Google speaker, make sure the device is set up.

Step 4: Control the YI Home or Kami Home cameras with Google Nest Hub or Chromecast with Google Nest speaker.

1.To show the camera, you can say “Okay Google",

  • “Stream [camera name]” (Nest Hub)
  • “Stream [camera name] on [Chromecast device name]” (Chromecast w/ Google speaker)

2.To stop viewing the camera, you can say “Okay Google, stop” or “Okay Google stop [TV/Chromecast device name]”

Note: Cross compatibility is supported with the use of either the YI Home or Kami Home app.

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