Trying to view recording that were not considered "motion"

Last night a vehicle hit my car and then took off. I can view the street where my car was sitting but the “motion” wasn’t captured and therefore I can’t see what happened. Is there any possible way I’m able to retrieve this recording even though it wasn’t “activity”? Help!

Hello. Sorry to hear about what happened to you. I hope you yourself are ok but it is terrible what happened with the car.

May I ask do you record to SD card or the paid for cloud from Yi?

Also do you have a continuous record plan with the cloud if you use that. Or you continuously record to the SD card?

I am looping in the excellent Kami support to here in @Steven_Kami to assist further.

thank you for responding; everyone is ok nobody hurt! We pay the $12.99 for the 5 camera motion recording plan on the cloud. I’m willing to upgrade it or whatever we have to in order to retrieve the recording. No SD card, it’s all on cloud. Like I said, I can see the street and the car but it wasn’t an activity so didn’t record. Is it still there somehow if I upgrade or was it never saved to begin with?

My thoughts here and I am sincerely sorry, that you won’t get the footage. Yi got data protection and security do not store footage unless they have been granted access to do so I.e through the paid plan.

There is a continuous record plan available.

I realise it won’t help you this time, and I’ll add again I am sincerely sorry for that, but perhaps you could add a SD card to your camera (if your camera supports such) which could be set to continually record.

I’m looping in @Steven_Kami who may be able to confirm what I’ve said and also give additional guidance.

Hey @simplyfunt Thanks for coming to the community for more information. I am so sorry to hear about the hit and run! Never ceases to amaze me…

I am glad to no one was injured but still, that stinks!

Let me check with my team on this and get back to you in a couple of hours with an update.

Many thanks for your patience. I’ll be in touch soon.