Trouble Pairing YI Dome Camera 1080p

Hey @Anarkst, Patrick sent you an email earlier today with some more information regarding getting a replacement. I apologize on behalf of the team for the delay in getting back to you via email.

Hi Mark,
I have now reset also the wireless router a couple of times, still the same issue.

  1. Wifi is connected (on camera)
  2. Wifi is connected (to my phone)
  3. But “Pairing has timed out…”

I am also afraid that support will not be helpful (see Anarkst message below).

Please advise.

Hey Mats, I just sent you a PM to get some more info.

Hi Mark,
I have sent you replies yesterday in the PM. Still not working.
Pls help

have you got any help from the support about the pairing problem?

Exactly the same issue. wifi connects but pairing times out…

I wonder where the error lies (software in app or firmware or hardware less likely)

Maybe YI has shut down their helpdesk completely???

Hey Mats, the help-desk is up and running, but we receive about 500 support requests a day, and we are dealing with a back log at the moment. Customer support is hiring and training new staff to keep up with the high volume. Apologies for the delay.

So frustrating I have 6 YI dome cameras that I have been using nicely for eight months I also use them previously at my old house. I care for my 88-year-old mother with dementia so I have to have cameras all around my house. About three weeks ago three of the six cameras disconnected I have reset and tried to reconnect these cameras probably 15 times over this three week. I am so frustrated because I have invested quite a bit of money in this system I have also referred a lot of my friends to buying these cameras my daughter has these cameras throughout her house and has never had this issue. Two of these three cameras are only a few months old. I cannot get past the pairing stage I cannot get past the pairing stage Wi-Fi connects everything connects but it times out in the pairing stage and I cannot get these cameras to connect. I’m begging someone to help me this is created such an issue with my caregiving why my mother is in a separate room please help I’m begging someone to help me this is created such an issue with my caregiving why my mother is in a separate room please help I just went through and change the privacy setting And still they will not pair. The other three are working fine they go up and down but they still are working

Hi @Dmcdday1614 thank you for joining the forum. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your cameras. It sounds to me like this might be a router issue.

Here are some steps that I recommend you to take in order to start the pairing process on a fresh footing.

Download the latest version of the YI Home app.

Delete the cameras the app.

Restart your phone.

Power cycle your router (turn it off for 30 seconds, then turn it back on, then wait for it to completely boot up which might take up to 5 minutes).

Remove any SD cards from the cameras if there are any installed.

Make sure your phone is logged onto the same network as the camera you are wanting to setup and that is a 2.4GHz network.

Reset the camera and walk through the paring process once more.

If it is still failing, please let me know what error you receive, or at what part of the process you are getting stuck at.

Finally yay my cameras work. What I had to do was click my breakers for the outlets. Not sure why that worked but it did. I had discovered if I moved the cameras to another outlet in another room the paired. So I figured let me try the breaker and I was pleasant surprised it worked. Hope this info helps someone else