Timestamp Videos

Is there a way to timestamp downloaded videos with date and time on YI Home?


@NDRat Unfortunately, there is no option to create a time stamp for downloading videos. The date and time for an Alert, microSD card playback or cloud video can only be viewed in the YI Home or Kami Home app.

@NDRat if you need a timestamp for supporting evidence or some other reason and you have a cloud plan you could take a screenshot of the clips thumbnail as this displays the date and time.

A Time & Date stamp is the most basic thing almost all CCTV Camera systems for the last 20+ years support and yet this is a huge missing feature on the Yi Cameras - it’s such a huge missing feature that it’s a good reason to NOT recommend people buying the Yi Cameras

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Hi Archer, I received an update from the app team about this. Moving forward all new products will feature timestamps on downloaded videos.

Please add time and date to recorded video… This past weekend there was a shooting and the detectives needed time and date on the video for their investigation and was unable to use video as evidence. They were also unable to download more than 10 minutes from the cloud.

I am furious I just invested in this camera system and needed a time stamp to provide police and this camera does not support it?!

Hello @mduffey01 Thanks for messaging the forum. https://help.yitechnology.com/hc/en-us/articles/230063407-Why-is-there-no-timestamp-

You can compare the video footage to the timestamp in your recordings menu.

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Thank you guys for the timestamp update on my outside yi camera, I love it. I now have 24 cameras and need the new update for the rest of them. I have all different models but the only one that has the update is the outside yi camera. Please look into updating your other firmware so we can enjoy this awesome feature. Thank you for your amazing help with this.

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