Tilt Angle Issue

I have 2 Dome Guard cams. The down tilt angle is insufficient for my application.
I have 2 questions:

  1. Do any other Yi P/T cams have a deeper down angle that the Guard?
  2. Do any of the fixed cams have a better down angle?
    Thank you

Hello Danny!
Can you also share how the camera is installed? Is it mounted to a wall or to the ceiling or is it just sitting on a flat surface?
Please refer to the image below for the YI Dome Guard P/T angle.

About the ‘fixed’ cameras, depending on the purpose… For indoors you can check the YI 1080P Home Camera or for outdoors the YI Outdoor Camera.

TY for your response. It doesn’t matter how it is installed. If I need more down, I need more down. The sketch does help though. Now I need to know if the fixed cams are capable of greater than 17 degrees of down. That question was in the OP.

Not sure if I understand you fully but the Yi Home cameras (3, 1080p) are flexible on their stands. The ones I have can be angled flat to the surface. Additionally the lens unit (the black) part can be removed as well if you have any custom requirements.

I actually find these a much better camera than the pan/tilt cameras where having the option to manually tilt pan from the app is not required.