Tech Tips: YI Dome Cameras | Bookmark Presets | Motion Tracking

We have taken for granted some features that were there all along but never really understood how useful these features are. Yes, we switch the device on, we get video feed, then we let it do its job. But the YI dome camera line has features like 360° view, auto-cruise, and bookmark presets.

I know you might be very familiar with these features but have you tried them already? I bet you won’t be reading this article now if you have done it or maybe you did but didn’t realize how useful these features are.

Keep reading and allow me to share some helpful tips on how to maximize your camera’s potential.

8 Bookmark Presets

YI dome cameras can bookmark 8 presets which will later allow your device to keep an eye on important locations you want to make sure are monitored. This is very useful for home owners as it can watch over a very wide coverage specifically chosen by the user.

How to bookmark:

Step 1. Simply go to YI Home App

Step 2. Select the YI dome camera you have installed/paired.

Step 3. Pan or tilt the camera by moving the directional pad to the desired location of interest to bookmark.

Step 4. On the control panel section, you will find two icons on the middle-left side of the screen, Bookmark and Panorama. Simply tap the Bookmark icon to save the location.

Step 5: Manage your bookmarks and remember that you can save up to 8 presets! Yeay!


Yes, the camera can automatically move and cruise on its own and cruise to predetermined locations (bookmarked presets). You can set the duration period at what time it should start auto-cruising, this is different from motion tracking.

Motion Tracking

Motion tracking is also a cool feature where the dome camera follows a moving object/person when motion is detected.

If you didn’t know these features, I want you to go set up your camera now and maximize its value and enjoy more of your worry-free life. =)

Know more about YI dome cameras here.


This :clap: is :clap: great :clap: stuff. Thanks @Darnell

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I will update this with screen shots in a bit. I hope it really brings more to the features. I love this feature a lot! Cheers!

Hi, I have just started to use Dome X camera. When I start Auto-cruise feature in bookmarks mode the camera initially moves from point to point properly. But soon it changes the route: skips some points that were bookmarked, but stops on points that weren’t. In some cases it looks like camera misses exact positions and stops nearby. In other cases it stops 30-40 degrees from the direction it should.
So, what could be the reason of that and how to make the camera to auto-cruise properly?

Hi, @vadrou do you have the camera set to Cruise Horizontally 360 Degrees or Cruise All Bookmarks? Please make sure you have it set to Cruise All Bookmarks. Otherwise, the camera will stop at some un-bookmarked points and some that are bookmarked.

Hi, I have checked, so I am sure the camera is set to Cruise All Bookmarks. My UI is in Russian (I have not found how to switch UI to English), but the translation is good enough to be sure.
I have to add that changing route was in effect only when motion detection was turned on.

I have Dome Camera X - setting bookmarks is broken!
I can set them - but the camera does NOT return to the proper location when a bookmark is selected.


@chelseagroup I apologize for this matter. Just to confirm you are enabling “Cruise mode” in Auto-Cruise and not using Motion Tracking right? If both are enabled, disable Motion Tracking. Is the camera moving to any of the preset bookmarked locations selected or none at all? Is the camera firmware up to date? Is the app version up to date?

I am really disappointed to find out that the new YI Dome 1080 doesn’t support position bookmarks.

I just bought this new 1080 model to replace my YI Dome 720 which after 4 years has now the IR lights (night vision) broken… the old 720 model was supporting the position bookmarks (and I was always using them) but the new 1080 doesn’t support them!!!

That’s really unbelievable because:

  1. it’s hard to imagine that a new model doesn’t support features that was available on its previous version

  2. since it’s a sw feature (just save a position and recall it with a button) it’s hard to understand why this feature cannot be implemented also on the new model…

Very very strange decision (who decided that)