Dome X changes route of Auto-cruise

Hi, I have just started to use Dome X camera. When I start Auto-cruise feature in bookmarks mode the camera initially moves from point to point properly. But soon it changes the route: skips some points that were bookmarked, but stops on points that weren’t. In some cases it looks like camera misses exact positions and stops nearby. In other cases it stops 30-40 degrees from the direction it should.
So, what could be the reason of that and how to make the camera to auto-cruise properly?


@vadrou I can tell you are using the “Cruise All Bookmarks” mode feature in Auto-Cruise, but I want to make sure you are using the right setting. Do you have the camera set to Cruise Horizontally 360 degrees or Cruise All Bookmarks? Please make sure you have it set to Cruise All Bookmarks. Otherwise, the camera will stop at some un bookmarked points and some that are bookmarked.

Hi, I have the answer here