Stolen Camera and Wanted Footage

A few days ago my house was broken into and the thief took my camera offline. I’ve tried to see if I can recover any footage from the stolen camera before it was taken and going offline on the app but there was nothing. Therefore I was wondering if there is another way to recover the footages on the stolen camera during the time of the break in so the police and I can identify the thief.

Hello. Have you tried using the main Alert menu from the Welcome Home page? Select the camera from the Product list.

This should show any six seconds alerts prior to the disconnection of your camera. I assume you didn’t use the cloud subscription package ?

It might be worth contacting support and giving your camera ID. I think you should be able to get that providing your haven’t deleted it from your app already.

Tap where you would have to open the live view. Enter camera settings then camera name. Support may be able to track on that ID number should it be put back on a network.

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I am in contact with the support team right now but it hard to reach them. There are no alert that show my camera about to be taken nor any six seconds footage before it. But I do have my camera ID.

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For any of your own footage requested that you no longer have access to, you will need to go through support. All data is encrypted so it is a little bit of a process.

Can you send me your ticket number with support? I will make sure we get it to the right person.

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Of course do I sent the ticket number on here or do I DM it to you. Also is there a customer support number that I can call or no.
Thank you.

You can DM me the ticket number and I will follow-up with the support staff.

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I’ve already DM you the information need for the case. Thank you

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