Static noise from my Yi Home indoor cameras.

I bought 4 cameras kit 2 months ago and now the 4 cameras are failing, they make a really awful static noise.
What I’m suppost to do?
Thank you

hello @Stayuntrue Welcome to the community! Thanks for joining. We have a couple questions to help us resolve your 4 cameras.

  1. What is the power source?
  2. How far away from the router are the cameras?
  3. Are you running 2.4ghz or 5ghz?

The original chargers and cables.
2.4 ghz, I also tried 5 ghz.
It is pretty close to the router.
Thank you

Hey @Stayuntrue I am going to send you a direct message so we can get this resolved.

I’m having the same issue with all four cameras. Close to router

Hey @Kduncan Thanks for coming to the community! Glad to see you’ve joined.

May I ask if you are using any smart plugs in the area in which your cameras operate or in the home in general?

we’ve received feedback that smart plugs can cause this static noise.

Let us know

No smart plugs.

No smart light bulbs

No led lights

Any possible strong interference? Could you try moving the camera to a room on its own and seeing what happens. It may be internal components of the camera. I have some that do it and some that don’t(different brands too).

Four cameras. All in different rooms. All have static

Can you see any manufacture date on them? I know it is a ‘feature’ which seems to happen with these types of cameras but to have four of them doing it? Did you buy all four cameras at the same time?

Hello @Kduncan Thanks for your patience and information. Let me send you a direct message about this and see what the best next steps are.