Stabilization support / Firmware- YI 360 VR camera

Hello! i recently bought a yi 360 vr camera and so far its ok aside from one major issue:
the built-in stabilization doesnt seem to work.

The video is unwatchable in VR due to the shakyness, and i tried absolutely every method i could find to stabilize it via professional video editing software like adobe after effects to no avail.

I have spent nearly 12 hours fruitlessly trying to get this camera to stabilize correctly.

The file needed for the desktop app to stabilize stuff is never saved to the SD card by the camera, and i presume that this is due to the firmware not being up-to-date, however, i cannot for the life of me find a working download of the latest firmware for this camera anywhere, and the phone app falsely reports that the camera is up-to-date, at version 1.0 or something.

please get back soon. This was far too expensive just to put it in a closet and forget i ever had it because the company falsely advertises a product they dont even support anymore…

Hi @Fennecai welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear you’re not getting good results from the camera. You are correct - we do not support that particular camera anymore, which is why you couldn’t find the firmware on our site. The only thing I can suggest is that you try a factory reset on the camera, as perhaps the image stabilization feature needs a reboot. Very sorry I can’t be more help.

i have no idea why/how/what… but somehow, right after posting this, the app suddenly detected the new firmware correctly and the camera now works properly. if the company really doesnt support this camera then i dont know how this is even possible, but at least it magically decided to work now lol… thanks anyways

Wow, ok that is a weird coincidence :exploding_head: