Slow cloud viewing since update

Hello, the apps on ios were updated a couple of days ago. Since the update the connection to the cloud storage has been dire. Slow loading and often not loading despite several attempts to refresh the app by closing and restarting it. Also when it does load there is no way to go through the timeline in landscape as you have to return to the portrait view. Can this go back to how it was please?
Cheers C


Hi please refer here.

Yi aware and investigating

Thanks, i cannot view the link you posted.
Cheers C

You provided a link to a page that either doesnt exist or i am unable to view. Can you check your link please

It’s the one regarding the statement about the new app and what Yi is doing. It works for me do not sure why it’s not found for you

The link doesn’t work for me either. Can we roll the iOS back to what it was previously because this update is a total nightmare! You can’t get to Landscape mode easliy, the Speaker icon is in the way, you have to tap that and you get a Pause logo then you can get to the arrows for landscape, when you do, there is no timeline…just a Pause Icon.


I can’t even get motion alerts to work since the last firmware update. I can watch silk smooth video on all 6 cameras, watch motion events that should flag a motion alert, and I don’t receive a single alert. I might get a few sporadic alerts through the day but very rarely. I sure do love paying a monthly service fee for cameras that don’t work. Awesome business model.


Well I’m glad it’s not just me that can’t view it. Yes I agree the update is awful. No user ability as described. I liked the timeline in landscape and the ease of navigation. This is a very poor update and one that isn’t needed or user friendly. Cheers CM


Logged in or not, " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private."

I would dare say that with each update the App is becoming less and less user friendly, slower and worse to use. Hardly understandable… :cry:


Hello , I cannot access/view recorded footage in my cloud , can see that there is recorded footage, but when I go to view , Never loads. I have ensure that my video upload service is enabled . I have also tried to restart my phone.