Set up YI Home cameras to work with Alexa app


Discover devices with Alexa app for YI/Kami cameras

In order to view YI/Kami cameras in Echo Show, you need to have an account with Amazon. If you have an Amazon Account sign in with that account. If you don’t have an account with Amazon follow the steps at the bottom to create a new account.

  1. After signing in to the Alexa App, click on the Menu tab ( image ) in the top left corner.
    Home Screen >> Skills and Games

  2. Select skills & games.

  3. Click on the search icon and type the name of the camera app to find that skill. If you are using a Kami Camera search for Kami Home. If you are using a YI Camera search for YI Home.

  4. Select enable to use.

  5. Type the YI/ Kami Home App account login info. Make sure the email and password are correct.

  6. When the camera is successfully linked, click the X to close the window. Then select Discover Device.

  7. Once the device is discovered you can use the command, “Alexa show (camera name)". A Kami camera can only be discovered with the Kami Home skill. A YI camera can only be discovered with the YI Home skill. To hide the camera say, “Alexa hide (camera name)”. Alexa can only show the name of the camera in the Amazon Alexa app, not the camera (YI/Kami) app.

  8. Select the device to edit the name of the camera. If there are multiple cameras with the same name, create a new name for each camera. Alexa can’t display two cameras with the same name.

If you don’t have an account, open the Amazon Alexa app and click on CREATE A NEW AMAZON ACCOUNT. The process for iOS and Android is the same except Android prompts a google page during the setup.

  1. To create a new amazon account click on CREATE A NEW AMAZON ACCOUNT. Select your name to allow Alexa to identify with who you are.

  2. Confirm the first and last name. When asked to verify the phone number, enter a mobile number to verify account information during the setup process.

  3. When asked to set up a device, select no and follow the steps at the top to find the skill for the camera device you have.


When I try to enable the Alexa skill app for Yi camera, I have to sign on. My account and password are not recognized. It appears to be using or and both appear to be down using a few different website checkers.

How do I sign onto a website [first one] <–that is not working? I can ping [second link] and I get a response. When I ping [first link] I do not get a response. What do I do to be able to use my Yi account and password to sign onto the Yi site through the Alexa skill app? It also lists an option to sign onto Yi using Yi Account Login Alexa. What is that and how do I use it?

Hi @dkodgis and welcome to our community! Please email so we can take a closer look at this for you!

What is the model of your camera?

I used to be able to turn my Yi camera ON and OFF with Alexa (and also had it programmed with Alexa Routines), until a few months ago. Alexa now says “turn on is not supported currently.”
Is there a fix for this??

Hi @amanda! Welcome to our community! We have not seen this, could you please email so we can have a look at this with you? Thank you!

I would like to see Alexa (Echo Show/Spot) to automatically show the Yi IoT camera when triggered by motion detection.

What Yi account login alexa would that be if not my Yi account.

It is the Home Camera; however, I am surprised to read a rep here saying there is no knowledge of the app not working. The Alexa app reviews clearly state this is the case. It is as if Yi reps do not read the app comments. I have emails from Yi tech support saying they are aware of the problem and they are working on a fix for the next app update. This is from almost a year ago. Negative app reviews continue; there is no way to use it on Alexa. At its best, the app would turn the cameras on or off. This was a useful feature for exiting and reentering the home. Now, the cameras have to be turned on manually each time I exit the home. When I add in the bricking of the cameras from the last firmware update, I find the product a good idea but not well-supported and hit or miss.

@Rosman thank you for the feedback!

Hi @dkodgis, please email so we can take a look at this for you!

Does this only work on certain newer cameras? I noticed that on my 2 older Home cameras when I try and view them I get buffering and they are unable to be watched. But when I view my two new outdoor cameras it works great. But then I realized the option of enabling the camera to pair with Alexa in the settings does not exist in the older cameras so I am assuming this is the reason? Any plans to push out a firmware or something that will enable this on the older ones?

Hey @CherylBuc some of the older 720p cameras aren’t compatible unfortunately. Which models are you having trouble with?

Yes they are the older ones. :frowning:

Oh bummer! :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi buddy. Did your problem ever get fixed?
I’ve been waiting for a solution for a year now and every time I open a customer support ticket with them they just share default step by step guides and say they’ll get back to me. Incredibly awful experience.

On Amazon I did see someone said they had their camera connected to their tv via their firestick, is this possible and if so is there an idiots guide please ?

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Great question @SecureSteve! I am pretty sure you need the Google Nest to make this set up work. Do you have Google Nest?

Sorry, No
Will keep exploring the features the camera set has to see what other value I can squeeze out of the product

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