SD Cards Not Working After New Business Decision

Ever since YI/Kami implemented their business decision to force everyone to the Cloud, my SD cards in all my cameras no longer record. All are indicating the SD card is bad and/or needs formatting. They worked just fine before this decision was implemented. Note I did reformat them, but all of a sudden, none of them work.

This doesn’t seem right. We want to take a closer look at this for you. Please send a note to so we can connect.

“This doesn’t seem right.” Yeah, baloney! You know this was going to happen once YI/Kami implemented this policy, yet you try to convince us this isn’t the case! I’ve had the same issue with my cameras but have never gotten a satisfactory response back from YI/Kami!

Erm, my sd cards are still recording!

I have 9 Yi Outdoor Security Cameras
All software up to date
All SD cards still recording perfectly.
I don’t use the cloud… ever.

My does not working either.

I’ve had these for years working. I bought my in-laws a 4 pack for Christmas with SD cards. None of them working. I’ve contacted support and did the steps they suggested. Tried different SD cards. Not working. I agree, they are railroading people to the cloud. Returning the cameras. Not cool KAMI or YI or whatever it is.