sd card not showing on yi home menu

excuse me?, i have a problem about sd card on yi home, i have 2 yi home camera with sd card install in it, the first camera working fine, but the other one, the sd card not showing on yi home menu, i try to move sd card on the working one to the other camera that not show the sd card, same result, the sd card is good, trying to read on computer, just fine, need help please

menu in yi home camera, first and second camera

I responded to the other post you made about the same issue

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I have the same problem and did not see your answer… did you actually have a solution? Or just a comment?

I found this thread in a search to resolve mu new issue.

I have the exact same issue, was there a solution provided. Reference to “I responded to other post” would be great help if there was really a solution.
Observed this happened to my camera ever since Kami cloud has been introduced in the camera app.