Same account Differents Cameras on iOS and Android

I m using the same account on an Android and an iphone and there are not the same cameras. I have 6 cameras 3 are on android and the other on ios. Whats is happening

Same account same region

Hi @Xaviarg! Welcome to the community!
That’s quite an odd scenario. I’d suggest contacting the support team, you can send them an email at for them to check your account.

Thanks, I ll keep the community updated

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I get a similar problem I have 5 cameras all show up on my iPhone but only 4 on the mrs android

@Xaviarg @PaulTheo what is the app you’re using? And can you share a screenshot of the Home page showing the number of cameras on the top part of the page? And please confirm if you’re using the sharing feature or if the other device signed in to the same account?
Thank you!