RESOLVED Unable to install Yi Home PC App

Every computer I try to install it on, I get “Invalid code(0)”. The Kami Home PC app installs fine, but that app doesn’t allow me to view recordings from my Yi camera’s SD card. Has anyone else experienced this?

Hey @elevonic401 Thanks for coming to the forum for more information. It sounds like you are having issues viewing recordings on your SD card? Are you saying you can’t view SD card recordings on the PC app or when you pull the SD card from the camera and try to download, that’s when you run into the issue?

Many thanks for your patience. I look forward to your response.

This is actually resolved. The issue was that I could not install the Yi Home PC App - it was giving me an error. The Kami Home PC app was installing fine.
I emailed the US Support team and they provided an alternate link for downloading the Yi Home PC App, which must be a different version, and it installed without issue.

For reference, this is the site that has the installer which does not work:

and the website I was given which does have a working version of the Yi Home PC App:

The Yi and Kami PC apps are essentially identical, with the exception that Kami does not have the option to view SD card recordings (the button is missing). That seems to only be available in the Yi Home PC app (not sure why, as these apps could easily be combined into a single app that supports Kami and Yi, and SD and cloud recordings…)

In any case, this is resolved, and the thread can be closed. Thanks.