Reset Yi Outdoor Camera

I have 3x Yi Outdoor Cameras, they have not worked since I changed to a new home WiFi network, and I understand that to change them to the new network I need to reset them.
Currently, the LED is flashing blue. If I unscrew the bottom and press the only button there (either a short press, or anything up to a few minutes) nothing happens, I get no audio response and the LED continues to flash blue. I have also tried power-cycling the cameras and immediately pressing the reset button but this makes no difference. How do I get these cameras reset so that they can be set up for my new WiFi?

Hi @Senile thanks for joining the forum. I’ll investigate this and get back to you shortly.

Hi Kami_Mark, I managed to resolve this myself in the end - what I had to do was download the latest firmware update to an SD card, when inserting this it immediately went through the upgrade process. After that was complete I power-cycled the cameras, then when pressing the reset button it immediately reset and I was able to set them up from scratch.

@Senile Thank you so much for the update! That’s great to hear!

I must admit this one had us scratching our heads a bit. I was actually just going to suggest you take the SD card out and try resetting again. Anyway, I’ll let the team know that the firmware update solved the issue, and we’ll add this info to our help section under what to do if a Yi Outdoor Camera won’t reset.

I just installed a new Kami outdoor wired camera and it will not reset. Tried power cycling it and the light stays blue when plugged in. How do you fix this?

Hi William, thanks for joining the forum.

Do you mind providing a bit more information about your issue? From what I gather, you’re trying to pair the camera, but it’s failing somewhere along the way?

Any infomation regarding error messages or screenshots you can provide would be much appreciated.