Reset Yi Outdoor Camera

I have 3x Yi Outdoor Cameras, they have not worked since I changed to a new home WiFi network, and I understand that to change them to the new network I need to reset them.
Currently, the LED is flashing blue. If I unscrew the bottom and press the only button there (either a short press, or anything up to a few minutes) nothing happens, I get no audio response and the LED continues to flash blue. I have also tried power-cycling the cameras and immediately pressing the reset button but this makes no difference. How do I get these cameras reset so that they can be set up for my new WiFi?

Hi @Senile thanks for joining the forum. I’ll investigate this and get back to you shortly.

Hi Kami_Mark, I managed to resolve this myself in the end - what I had to do was download the latest firmware update to an SD card, when inserting this it immediately went through the upgrade process. After that was complete I power-cycled the cameras, then when pressing the reset button it immediately reset and I was able to set them up from scratch.

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@Senile Thank you so much for the update! That’s great to hear!

I must admit this one had us scratching our heads a bit. I was actually just going to suggest you take the SD card out and try resetting again. Anyway, I’ll let the team know that the firmware update solved the issue, and we’ll add this info to our help section under what to do if a Yi Outdoor Camera won’t reset.

I just installed a new Kami outdoor wired camera and it will not reset. Tried power cycling it and the light stays blue when plugged in. How do you fix this?

Hi William, thanks for joining the forum.

Do you mind providing a bit more information about your issue? From what I gather, you’re trying to pair the camera, but it’s failing somewhere along the way?

Any infomation regarding error messages or screenshots you can provide would be much appreciated.



That’s very similar to the case I have now: after change of my Wi-Fi network, my Yi Outdoor Camera doesn’t respond to any external action. When being switched in, the camera lights yellow LED approximately for 10 seconds, and then seems to turn off. I tried to press reset button while LED was on; I also put firmware file to SD card – but nothing has helped. Do you have any ideas how to fix this?
Many thanks in advance,

Hi @Eclectium thanks for joining the forum. Let’s see if we can get to the bottom of this.

Can you please do me a favor and try one more time, however, this time please remove the SD card. And before you reset the camera, please delete it from the YI Home App.

To delete the camera from your YI Account do the following:

1 - Launch the YI Home App.

2 - At the welcome page, tap on the name of the YI Camera you want to delete.

3 - Tap on “Settings”. (It may be found at the lower right part of the screen for IOS users and the upper right part of the screen for Android users.)

4 - At the bottom part of the “Settings” page, you’ll find the option to delete the camera.

Once the camera has been deleted from your YI Account, please use a pin or paperclip to reset the camera. Push gently until the yellow light is on and you hear “reset is successful”.

To pair your camera, do the following:

1 - Plugin and install the camera right next to the router during setup. Once set up, move to your desired location.

2 - Launch the YI Home App.

3 - Reset the camera with a paper clip (in reset hole) and wait for it to boot. Listen for “Waiting to connect”.

4 - Tap on the ‘+’ sign and select the specific name of the YI Camera you’re pairing from the list.

5 - Follow the voice prompt/instructions on the App and enter your correct Wi-Fi password (case sensitive).

6 - A QR code will be generated on your mobile phone. Face the QR code generated on your mobile phone towards the camera’s lens.

7 - A solid blue LED will now be lit on your YI Camera indicating that the pairing was successful.

If you’re not able to reset the camera, please let me know and I’ll get some more information for possible a warranty replacement.

Where is the hole for the paper clip on the Yi outdoor camera?

@Jshodgson you will find a cap at the bottom of the camera with two tiny screws, you will need to remove this cap/cover to be able to find the reset button and the micro SD slot.

Thanks @Kami_Mark I have been pressing that button but I’m not sure that it is resetting the camera. All I hear are three chimes (I don’t see any change to the LED or hear any prompts to say that it has reset). After the three chimes it beeps twice and then repeats that pattern continuously.

@Kami_Mark, thank you for your quick reply.

In fact, I already did all you advise – I deleted the camera from Yi Home app, then tried to reset it.
The problem is I cannot reset: the camera does not react to Reset button pressing.While I keep the button pressed, the yellow LED is on, then I hear “click” - and the LED goes off. The camera is still alive, as infra-red lighting works.

Hi @Jshodgson I was just about to create a support ticket for you but I see you have already been in contact with customer support. Patrick just sent you an email requesting more information.

@Eclectium I just sent you a PM.

A couple notes to advise those who are making changes to their WIFI networks and then having issues.

  1. Remove any cameras from existing network BEFORE changing to a new network.
  2. Make sure your phone or tablet is logged onto the SAME network as the camera you are wanting to setup.
    I run 3 separate WIFI networks. If I want to set a camera up on network A then I must log my phone or tablet into network A and then do the setup for the camera for network A.
    If I have the phone on network A and try to log the camera into network B it will not work.

Might help for some.

Great advice @wirlybird thank you for the post!

OMG, yi cam outdoor not worked since I changed to a new home WiFi network,the LED is flashing blue,

do you have video tutorial? so i can learn with this video…

Hi there, I’m having the same issued with my Yi Outdoor camera. I olso chnage to a new router but I did connect all my cameras normally, but in last 2 weeks my Yi outdoor camera is the only one having connecting issues with the mobile app (I also have 4 yi Home Cameras).
I did try all the advises in the commemts but still noting woks.
I wonder if there is anything you can do to help me fix this error.
Have a nice day, and I wait for your reply.

@tama I’m so sorry I missed your post. Are you still having trouble? Or did you get it sorted out?

Hi Neil, thank you for joining the forum! Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your YI Outdoor.

Here are some steps that I recommend you to take in order to start the pairing process on a fresh footing.

Download the latest version of the YI Home app.

Delete the camera it from the app (if it is not already).

Restart your phone.

Power cycle your router (turn it off for 30 seconds, then turn it back on, then wait for it to completely boot up which might take up to 5 minutes)

Remove the SD card from the camera if there is one installed.

Make sure your phone is logged onto the same network as the camera you are wanting to setup and that is a 2.4GHz network.

Bring the camera as close as you can to the router.

Reset the camera and walk through the paring process once more.

If it is still failing, please let me know what error you receive, or at what part of the process you are getting stuck at.