Push notifications intermittently not working

Have had 4 Yi cameras since April. Mostly pleased with cameras and alerts are reliable in the app. However, there are periodic times lasting several days where push notifications to my iPhone stop. All settings are unchanged and correct. Receive notifications from other apps. Any advice on this? A Yi server issue? For me, the notifications combined with the short video clips are the strongest point of using this for motion detection since alerts can be evaluated in “real-time”. Thanks.

Hi @Stat5 thanks for joining the forum :wave: Glad to hear you’re liking the cameras.

Can you please let me know the model of the camera that is experiencing this lack of push notifications? Are the other cameras that are not affected the same model or do you have a mix of different types of cameras?

As a start, I would recommend checking to see if the firmware of your cameras is up to date. To do this, in the app go to settings, then under ‘General’ press ‘Camera Settings’ then check where it says ‘Firmware Version’.

Please also check that you have the latest version of the YI Home app installed.


Thanks for the quick response. I have Yi home App version 4.3.10. My cameras are YI 4pc Home Cameras purchased as the set, 1080p, all 4 have updated firmware. I don’t have other Yi cameras but I was saying that my iPhone receives push notifications from various Apps, so it’s not an iPhone Setting issue. Over 3 months has worked flawlessly most of the time but twice has stopped for approximately a week each time. They are currently not working. App still shows alerts in the opened App but I miss the important notifications.

Hey @Stat5 thank you for letting us know about the issue. The engineering team is now working on the problem and we should have this resolved shortly.

I having the same issue.
All notifications are working with other apps except Yi.
This has been like this for 3 days

Hey Lee thanks for joining the forum. Are you also using an iOS device?

Yes iPhone 10. Receiving all other push notifications except from the Yi app. Firmware up to date and have latest update on phone also. Receiving thumbnail videos once I open app in the alerts but no notifications. These are cameras on another property. In past I have unplugged cameras and they would reset. Hope this works but will be a week or so until I can do this. Thanks for your time

It just started sending notifications again. Thanks for your help if you did something to correct it.

I also received one last night. Hopefully this is resolved. It would be good to know what was done if this was corrected by your team. Thanks.

However, I just did a few tests and now no alerts in the App and no notifications this morning. Maybe changes are in process?

Great news! I was told the engineering team resolved the issue last night, so it’s good to see it working again for you.

Hey @Stat5 thanks for letting us know! Yes, the engineering team fixed the issue.

If you are testing alert notifications, but not seeing as many as you think, this could be due to how you have your alert frequency configured. I’ve included an article below about this.

Let me know if that helps :slight_smile:

I’m pleased to say the notifications have been working today after a few missed this morning. Glad the issue is resolved for now. This Community is a very helpful resource for when problems arise. Really appreciate the prompt responses.

Hey @Stat5 that’s great to hear everything is back to normal. Thank you so much for the kind words. We’re happy to help :slight_smile:

Have issues with foreign writing coming up as an option when replay use to show. I have attached a pic

Have just purchased and set up my Dome Camera 180. Most things seem to work except I’m not receiving push notifications, even when all settings are put to high. Also, not able to see the setting for face recognition (put enquiry on another forum)

Firmware is up to date (see attached pic)

I’m on iPhone XR iOS version 14.2

@PippaKeeves Have you checked your notification settings within your phone?

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Yes, all on within the app settings

Could you please, uninstall & reinstall the Yi Home App? Enable notifications & run a test. Let us know what the results are.

Many thanks

Still the same :frowning:

This is the push setting on iOS

This happens with me at times. I have different models of YI camera and only the one you are having issues with is impacted by this. It does mysteriously go away and the alerts start again.